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-Marionberry Lemonade

-Sleep Easy & Stay Asleep

-No Grogginess 

-Made With Organic Sugars 

-Colored With Fruits & Vegetables 

-<.3% THC

Per Gummy - At least 18mg CBD | 6mg CBG | 6mg CBN

Due to recent rule changes, Oregon residents can only purchase CBN products at licensed dispensaries. We cannot ship CBN products to Oregon Addresses.

 Click here to find a dispensary near you.

Whether it's stress on the mind, tent camping or just a lumpy mattress, trying to get a good night's sleep isn't always easy. Thats why we created this perfect blend of cannabinoids in an easy to take and delicious gummy. 

Traditional sleep-aids can leave you groggy and with some tough brain fog.  Ditch the fog and wake up feeling refreshed, recovered and ready for the day!

Made with organic sugars and colored with fruits and vegetables, we're doing gummies better!


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