How to make CBG butter or CBG oil.  CBG and CBGA butter for a great addition to your healthy lifstyle.

Simple CBG Butter

Remember that time you made those brownies at thanksgiving dinner and everyone either went to bed, passed out on the couch or had to take a shower? Hehe, yea us too!  But this wont be like that. CBGA butter is a great way to have an easy access and delicious CBG and CBGA addition to, well everything is great with butter! 
The great thing about making CBGA butter is its actually simpler then the butter you use to make.  Why? No decarboxylation needed, basically meaning, unlike making weed butter you don't need to bake it first in order bring out the desired compounds (turning THCA to THC).  CBGA is the initial, raw form of CBG.  So by skipping the fancy named baking process, you'll create a butter full of both beneficial CBG and CBGA.  Alright enough jibber jabber.

Again this recipe is simple, so lets get into it!  You will need:

  • 14 grams CBG flower 
  • 8 oz of butter or your favorite oil/fat
  • a crock pot (or simple double boiler)
  • fine strainer or cheese cloth
  • mason jars for cooking (optional)
  • butter stick mold or any container for finished butter or oil


      1. Grind up or rough chop flower into a rough BB size.
      2. Add butter and CBG flower to crock pot (for a cleaner process split butter and CBG between two small mason jars with lids and place a cotton rag at the bottom of the crock pot and fill crock pot with water so jars are about 1/2 submerged) and set on low, you want it at about 185 deg F.
      3. Cook butter and flower for 4-6 hours (make sure flower stays submerged or well coated in the butter/oil)
      4. After 4-6 hours, let crock pot or jars cool to the touch
      5. Once cool enough to handle but still warm and liquidy strain butter/oil into mason jars or bowl. You can set the strained pulp aside for adding to other dishes
      6. Once strained, do not shake or stir. The last bottom bit of separated material (if using butter) will be the milk solids which you can discard if you like. If using oil you can just strain right into a mason jar and you're done!
      7. Carefully pour butter into butter molds or any container you plan to keep your new cannabinoid packed super food in. 
      8. Place in fridge and let cool completely.
      9. Once cooled and solid you can pour off any milk solids and water and voila!

You just made a tasty and healthy CBG/CBGA packed addition to any food!

Keep it refrigerated and use 1/2 to 1 tablespoon to get a powerful dose of CBG and CBGA.

Get your CBG flower and start cooking!